11 May 2016

Friendship has blossomed between pupils from Norham High School and older residents from North Shields, thanks to special event. The ‘Young at Heart Club’ involves around 30 older people who visit Norham High School each month to spend quality time with pupils. They all meet to enjoy a lunchtime meal, great conversation and fun activities including bingo sessions and a quiz. As well as being a social event, the pupils help their older friends with IT skills, and in return the young people are taught more traditional skills such as knitting and crochet. The Young at Heart Club was the idea of Norham’s School Council, following a really successful Christmas lunch with St Peter’s Church in North Shields. Year 10 pupil Jodie Tuffin, said: “The Young at Heart Club is a fantastic opportunity for our school and our local community to strengthen our links. It’s also a chance for our local older residents to really get to know some of our amazing pupils and break down some of the barriers that older people and young people can sometimes have. “It has been really lovely to see the relationships between us all blossom and strengthen each time the group meets, we all really look forward to organising it and taking part.” David Baldwin, Executive Headteacher at Norham High School, added: “We’re extremely proud of our pupils and the work they’ve done to reach out to members of our community and build these great friendships. “It’s wonderful to welcome our local residents into Norham High School and to know they really enjoy their time spent with us.” Norham High School council members have recently secured £450 from North Tyneside Council’s Young Mayor’s Community Fund to support the club. Young Mayor Kieran Archer said: “Young at Heart has my respect and my congratulations. It’s important that young people contribute to our community and it’s admirable that this group is helping older people and, by doing so, strengthening the bond between young and old.”